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Handjob vs. Blowjob Porn: Which is more popular?

Handjobs are usually amazing, and they usually give this huge rush of unbelievable sensation which cannot be received any other way. Oral sex, on the other hand, is out of this world, they are incomparable.

Though a good handjob could be compared to a blow job, those kind of handjobs are quite rare. Most handjobs are usually boring and that is because the person giving the handjob would give just one or two types of strokes.

To remain aroused, handjobs are great for that, and they would help keep a guy in pleasure for longer than even he can believe. Though it is quite safe, and there is that satisfaction which comes with pleasing your partner and vice versa without any fear of passing infections.

Pros of Handjobs:

  • Can be done anywhere, even in public. The chances of getting caught are quite slim.
  • You can reach climax as easily or slowly as desired.
  • Does not require any of the partners getting fully naked.


Cons of Handjobs:

  • Handjobs are usually messy, so if you do not have a sock which you can slip on then you should be ready for cleanup after, even if you are using lube.
  • It also could feel impersonal, you can skip the irregularities of foreplay and get straight to business.
  • It is not a perfect replacement for sex or blowjob.

Pros of Blowjobs:

  • When you need convenience, then you can get a blowjob. You do not have to get naked if you are fully dressed.
  • You can easily control the mess or eliminate it with a swallow.
  • Mostly intimate that sexual intercourse is since trust is usually an issue.


Cons of Blowjobs:

  • If the giver does not want the cum in the mouth, it would end up getting messy, because the ejaculate could land on anyone’s clothing.
  • It could be quite stressful for the giver, and it could require rest and also reciprocation.
  • Usually, the recipient of the blowjob should be properly cleaned up before the act, it could just be a short shower after a long day.

Important Note:

You must ensure you do not suggest such an activity when your partner is on her period, she might get irritated easily. If you really must ask for it, you should precede this with a wonderful dinner, or try completing the house chores, just make sure you get her in the mood before making such a request.