The city of Dubai is located in UAE, an Islamic country that follows Islamic law. As you know, this is a highly conservative law that enforces rigid stereotypes on gender. It is harsh to women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and trans people. The good news is that Dubai has an unwritten rule that you aren’t guilty if no one catches you. It is home to a lively trans community with its own unique culture.

If you are trans, interested in dating trans girls in Dubai, or already dating one, here are some tips on being safe in the emirate.

Dubai has a very busy international airport, ultramodern architecture, and a famous business community. These progressive tendencies are at odds with the legal ban on “men imitating women”, which is how the law sees members of the trans community. The law even foresees capital punishment for homosexual relationships, and that is how a relationship between a straight, non-trans man and a trans girl is classified.

Dress as a man if your passport states you are male. There are plainclothes policemen at all public places, keeping an eye on people. Don’t wear jewelry, makeup, or anything else that might identify you as female if you were born male at birth. Don’t use the ladies’ restroom and do wear thick, bulky tops to cover your chest. Don’t talk to strangers, even those who seem friendly.

Due to these and other restrictions on the trans culture and community, it has become largely relegated to the Internet. You can meet trans people in Dubai online and chat to find out if they’re looking for a relationship. Is the Internet monitored by authorities? We’re not sure, but it hasn’t been an issue for anyone in the past. Some websites feature local personal ads identifying the person posting as trans pre-op, post-op, or non-op, and the pictures seem real. A lot of straight, non-trans men in Dubai also post ads with real photos and other data but take care not to reveal too much about yourself if you choose to do this.

International sites like My Transsexual Date and My Transgender Cupid are active in Dubai and can connect you to a local trans girl that might be looking for a relationship.