We start with the romantic and end with the racy, so you have plenty to choose from when deciding where to meet up with girls in Los Angeles.

The Most Romantic Restaurant in LA 

Yamashiro is a very popular date restaurant with an amazing view of Los Angeles. The atmosphere will transport you back to the days of the Samurai. I won’t even start with the garden out in front – it has to be one of the most romantic places in the city.

The Hollywood Bowl 

This is a magical, amazing experience right out of Southern California. The lines tend to get long, so make sure the weather’s nice. When you’re buying tickets, always go for aisle seats. Most of the seats offer little legroom. What’s more, if you’re in the middle of a row, it’s hard to get a drink or go to the bathroom without causing a commotion.


Pasadena has a bit of everything: fine dining, interesting museums, cultural offerings, bars, shopping areas, and much more. Even if neither you nor the girl live in the area, it’s worth coming on a date here. Huntington Library and Gardens are amazing with wondrous themed gardens, ranging from Chinese and Japanese gardens to Australian desert to tropical rain forest. The personal mansion houses an impressive art collection. There’s no better way to spend time with that special someone during the day.


If you’d rather go out in the evening, head out to Hollywood, a 20s bordello-themed venue with excellent cocktails and a gigantic patio. The entrance of the huge bar, allegedly a former brothel, is an instantaneous conversation starter. As you enter, you’ll find there’s lots more to talk about, including tightrope walkers, local rock bands, burlesque shows, and live jazz music.

The Virgil

Last but not least, the Virgil in East Hollywood is half mellow, half club, a dream come true for anyone who loves dancing. On weekends, it’s a self-described hot mess with what seems like millions of singles on the dance floor getting down. The place employs top DJs, whose tunes range from current electronic hits to retro funk. Once you’ve had your fun on the dance floor, stroll over to the other side of the bar with your date. It has a more relaxing atmosphere, ample seating options, and quite a few dark corners. Thank you for reading our suggestions. We hope we’ve helped you out.